About SHD

SHD wasn’t born overnight, its seeds were sown over five years ago. Humble roots and raw talent collided in 2008. Humberto (AKA Zboy) and Jarrett (AKA Keyflo) were classmates and admirers of instrumentals in hip-hop. Their love and passion for music led them to develop their talents by posting free drum samples on top musical forums.

The response ended up being overwhelming positive by the online music community, which led to them creating their prototype SHD website. After the launch they put out their pilot drum kit, Sounds in HD Volume 1. After numerous successful releases and polished products, other Producers such as Lee Major, and Cardiak came calling for their services. This led them to invest time into the niche market of sampling and drum samples.

Six years later and dozens of successful drum kits later you can find SHD’s drum sample in the portfolios of some of the premium marketplaces such as, Apple Logic X and Native Instruments Maschine Drum Packs. Their monetary success led them to opening a music studio in East Brunswick, New Jersey where they host a variety of musical acts and provide music production.

What makes SHD unique is their ear for detail in drum samples. Putting out authentic content into an online music community where they feast on raw talent was less daunting due to their careful technique and mixing production. That’s what makes us the example others follow, our dedication to quality work. The samples we provide the community are sonically proven to help unleash your talents on the masses. The artists we showcase have produced quality music thanks to the high caliber musical tools that we supplied. We’ve been raised to our level of success in huge part because of you, so we strive to create sounds you love.

When hard hitting impactful samples merge with your musical prowess, you are able to put out pulse pounding music that will take the internet by storm.

Our Resume

A Quick Sum of Significant Work

  • Started in 2008
  • Built to full-time small business
  • Featured work on Maschine Expansion Packs with Native Instruments
  • Featured work for Apple Inc (Logic X Pro)
  • Drum design for various Producers (Lee Major, !llmind, The Inkredibles, Cardiak Flatline, DJ Frank E, APG, and many many more names!)
  • Taste maker and wave starter in the Drum Sample niche


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    guys please help my bank says my transaction went thru and your site still says pending. i bought this friday whats going on?!

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