Welcome to the Age of the Music Producer


It’s not just a hobby, it’s not just something you do for fun. If you know Sounds in HD (SHD) you have a passion to create music that’s uncanny yet unique compared to your peers. There’s nothing that’s quite as satisfying as getting the drums and music out of your head into your artwork. We’ve been around for a while giving you the drum samples necessary to elevate your sound and music. We’ve gotten the opportunity to work with aspiring and big name Music Producers, all the way to Brand Name Software/VST companies to bring them our sound. Now, SHD wants to be more than your provider of sound and drum samples. We’re taking you out of the bedroom/basement production mentality, we want to help you in making your musical production beyond an FL studio/Reason/Live/MPC/Maschine creation.

This Isn’t About VSTs, MPC’s and Plugins

This is the introduction to a series, Age of the Music Producer, that we feel will enhance your game, take you from beginner to a producer. We’ll start going over tactics, strategies and tools that we feel every producer needs to know in order to attain success with their music. This is about getting out of your comfort zone and stepping into ideas, concepts and tasks other Music Producers are finding success with. You already know how to sidechain, what VST plug-ins work best, which studio monitors you want, which MPC differ from others; you ALREADY know how to CREATE music.

Opportunity for Music Producers

With so many websites and sources detailing how to use tools to make, mix and record music; what do you do with your art after you create it? Your work, sweat, blood and tears has a place in this world. In this new age of “dying Music Industry” designed to take away from the artist new opportunity is born where the artists have full control. There are examples for us to follow now and Music Producers are at the forefront of this new wave in business and new industry.

Allow us to use our success and failures to guide our fantastic followers and fans to their dreams like you have helped us get to ours. We’re going to bring you in depth through the creative experience and introduce you to the culture other Music Producers have studied, followed and taken as their own to reach the next level. The new year is an exciting time to explore your art and talent, we want to be there throughout the entire time as well as guide to you new heights with our tools.

This is the start to a deeper relationship between SHD and its Music Producers, we’re ready to be there for you and hear your voices better than ever. Expect updates, demands of greatness from ourselves and we know you want to be more than that friend who makes music. Accept it – you are a Music Producer, and we want you to succeed with us at your side.

Welcome to 2015 the year of your success your craft being molded into music you never thought possible. Join us in this journey with our followers being the focal point of the story, #producegreatness.

Join the Discussion

What are you seeing or experiencing in the change of the culture for Music Producers? Are you taking advantage of any media or platforms for Producers? Share with me and SHD so every producer can find out! Comment below.


  1. Brian Shinall

    I’m enjoying the direction that SiHD is taking this. I hope to see a blog coming from the both of you guys. For insight for those sound tweakers out there and general anything really.

    • zboy365

      Thank you very much! The next post is coming tonight. This series is more about us as Music Producers progressing forward with our music. We all are already tweak heads, we’re all ready mixing maniacs and creative junkies. There are already countless tutorials, videos, blogs, and everyone telling us which plugins to use or what drum pad is best or how they make beats. What the hell are we doing with our music? There are so many avenues, ideas, other producers and things we as producers need to do to justify our hours in our studios and work stations making our art. I hope you follow us on this series!

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