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Pitch Labeled 808’s and Deadly Live Drums

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This drum kit is organized in 3 folders: 808 Basses, Live, and Percussion Stabs.

808 Basses

Inside here are 20 808 Basses, all labeled with their Key and 9 Distorted 808 Basses for Trap Music. All 29 samples have been beefed up with a basic amp plugin for big full bass. The distorted 808’s sustained further distortion and other effects to create entirely new blends of 808 sounds.


Live drums processed through multiband distortion. They were created to punch through your tracks and to also layer with and add various effects for complex drum sounds. There are 71 live drums total featuring:

  • Bass Drums
  • Snare Drums
  • Snare Rolls
  • Hi Hats
  • Tom Drums
  • Crashes
  • Rimshots
  • Claps and More various live percussion

Percussion Stabs

This is processed world percussion we have pitched, distorted and morphed overtime. 17 in total featuring super big low percussion sounds, mid ranged pitched up samples, shakers and bells/tambourines.

Other Stats

117 Wav Samples Total, 24 Bit quality, All Royalty Free, Download Only! 808 drrums by Sounds in HD Download Now!