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The Best 808 Samples

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Sounds in HD has been at it again, this time bringing an old favorite and remaking it for the perfect drum sample kit for today’s producer!

What makes this 808 Drum Pack so different?

Go to your hard drive and delete any 808s you have; you simply won’t need them anymore! Our 808 Drum Sample pack comes with over 450 samples and loops and is organized into 3 simple folders:

Folder 1:Classic

Inside here you will find 808 drums from none other than the Roland Tr-808! You can not find the quality and tone of these drums anywhere else!  Bass drums, snare drums, claps, closed and open hi hats, and various percussion like cowbells, cymbals, rim shots, tom drums, congas, and more!

Pitched 808 Drums

We locked the door and took the time to match classic 808 BDs to every pitch A3 to G4. These samples come prepared in Long Decay 808s for long tails, Short Decay for pitched played along side long tail samples, and Mid range Decay. No more guessing what pitch those 808s prepared by other sound designers who didn’t take the time to fine tune the key for you! Now you can create drum patterns with the same pitched Long tail and Short BD for easier mixing and better quality in Sub speakers!

Trap Hi Hat Loops

We prepared a series of hi hat loops that work in any track. Just drop them in your DAW or MPC and they line up with the Tempo you are currently working in! These are perfect idea starters for people not familiar with Trap production or need an idea of how to program their own Hi Hat patterns.

Snare Rolls

Throw in one of these rolls also synced to work to any track tempo, and add that flare and style to your own tracks!

Folder 2: Layered

Next we took our best 808 samples and mashed, layered, compressed, and EQ’d them together creatively for uses in 808s you may not even thought possible! Best of all, we saved what we layered so you can mix and match on your own! Includes, Bass Drums, Snare Drums and Claps.

Other designers just don’t put this work into their samples. Don’t like the way we layered that one 808? Look for it with out the layer on top. Want to use our layer samples in other drums? The possibilities are endless in this kit!

Folder 3: Pitched&Generated

How do the audio engineers and producers make their Kicks bang and keep the sub booming through your speakers at the same damn time? We programmed this ability for you and left room for complete and total flexibility for you as well!

Urban Tones

Pitched from Low C4 all the way up to B5! We took our finest stock 808 BD and compressed it in with the perfectly EQ’d and balanced sub bass. This allows for the capability of PERFECT 808 LOOPING AND PLAY-ABILITY! Thats right, using the Crossfade knob in FL Studio or looping the bass wav in your DAW you can create a perfect, even, 808 bass drum that repeats without cut or dropping in and out of volume! NOBODY ON THE INTERNET HAS CRAFTED THIS. You can’t find this anywhere else.

Urban Tones, no kick and Short Tail

As if it wasn’t enough, we provided the tones we made with out the bass drum so you can add your very own over the top and have it blend perfectly! Also we included a short tailed version of the BDs for easy use and application as well. Other tones and uses are inside this folder so have fun and start making perfect 808 music!

So get your copy today! Try the free drum demo and listen to the MP3!