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Urban, New, Fresh and Hot World Percussion Drum Samples

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World Percussion Samples With a Twist.

Deep Percussion is a World Percussion Drum Kit creatively processed and mix to provide inspiring percussive samples to accompany your productions. These are select picks from our personal Drum Library of working over the years for Music Producers in the Industry.

Layered, harmonically distorted and pitched up and down; Deep Percussion provides a level of creative samples that fill all ranges of the music spectrum. These samples are best used with filters, high and low pass and panned to help drive your track home. The bass and lower tones are felt even in high pitched samples for maximum presence through the mix.


  • 201 Percussion Samples
  • 24 Bit Wav Files (works in any DAW)
  • 100 Percent Royalty Free
  • 19 Tom Drum Samples
  • 182 Pitched, Distorted, Layered World Percussion Samples
  • Perfect for layering with bland drums for a filling effect on bass tones in your music

Don’t miss out on this kit if you need World Percussion! Affordable World Percussion Drum Samples to expand your personal Drum Library.