About the Download

Glitch Hop Drum Sample Pack

A new sound to the SHD collective. Creative and original rhythms run through mechanical and twisted processes. Created and produced by upstart American Electronic Producer, blanketdragon, this drum pack features 136 drum samples and drum loops straight from his original electronic productions.

Create a New Sound

Give your productions and edgy flavor with these glitch hop drum loops and one shot drum samples.


This kit features 73 loop samples. The main focus is the rhythm and glitch processing. Any productions with these sounds create an immediate attention grabbing impact.

One Shots

61 one shot drum samples. Clean and layerable; these sounds fit right into your mix and are ready for your own effect processing.

Best Uses

Creative, Quick and Easy Sound Design.

Distort, effect and tweak these clean samples. This example features an original drum loop in the pack run through a preamp to increase transients and energy. Notice the energy shift, preamp beef, and bitcrush/samplerate effect. The loop takes on the effect seamlessly.

Chop the Samples.

Take apart the loop and control which aspects of glitch sound design appear in your beat. This example features an original production from blanketdragon. I easily took the same drum pattern and made a simple A minor chord progression a huge emotional impact.

Best Features of the Drum Samples

The focus on these samples are the unique and highly creative rhythms. Every beat and production with these will immediately become interesting and create something that catches the listeners ear.

Sample cleanliness; distort, effect and process the samples anyway you want. The sounds are easily effected and mold right into your own sound design.


This Glitch Hop Drum Sample pack is produced by upstart producer, blanketdragon.

Preview his tracks here. Most sounds in the kit are from his original productions.