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Also Included in High Impact 1+2+3 Bundle

Some of the Biggest Drum Samples Ever

High Impact is back with it’s third Installment of huge, epic, percussion and cinema-esque inspired drum samples. We had to hit the recording studio to re-up recording big drum sets, percussion, and live claps. This is layering in it’s most simple form. We simply took live sounds, found percussion, 808’s or heavy sounds and combined them for a style unique only to Sounds in HD; you will only get this sound here!

High Impact Drum Samples

  • 4 Simple but BIG and Epic Sections — Kicks, Snares, Claps, Percussion
  • 150 Kicks & Snares – Processed and layered recorded drum kits with big percussion, filters and harmonic distortion
  • 75 Claps – Mixed bag full of layered big claps and live recorded claps, pitched, filtered and treated
  • 75 Percussion Samples – Big epic to higher and unique. Also we have percussion layers only found with Sounds in HD. You DO NOT wanna miss this pack!

The High Impact Brand

We came up with the idea for High Impact originally trying to layer simple heavy 808 basses with world percussion. From there it morphed into some of the most epic samples available. If one thing is true, the best feedback has been for our High Impact Drum Kits; so we made sure to bring you the best drum samples.