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High Impact has become a staple among music producers across the internet. One of the most successful SHD brands makes it’s 4th appearance. Producers have come to expect and know exactly what they are getting from the High Impact sound.

Best Uses

High Impact 4 touts awesome drum samples and sound but it’s best asset is that it blends right into your sound. This pack comes special with most of the layers I used in making many of the samples so you can add depth to other drum packs.

Here we have a simple 4 on the floor pattern created with High Impact 4 one shot drums. By the fifth bar I introduce a loop of metal shakers to add a natural rhythm as well as layers to give the clap and beat great depth. I then top it off with another loop of an ethnic distorted drum to fill the stereo spectrum of the percussion and drums.


High Impact 4 contains seven different folders of one shots, layers, and loops.

42 Bass Drums

Multiple bass drums inside perfect to get a full sound and get right to the creative side of music. These were layered with distorted and processed world percussion as well as urban sound effects like guns and more.

35 Claps

Clap one shots layered with shakers, metal, and group claps. Quickly fill your sound spectrum or mix and match with your claps to make an interesting replacement to snares.

3 Demo Loops

I included the 3 drum patterns from the main audio demo to give inspiration for how to layer and use the drum pack. All loops are acidized and ready to fit into any project (EX: You drop one into a song of 82 bpm, they will automatically adjust the speed to the highest quality).

44 Layers

Various layers for building your own kicks, snares, percussion and other samples. Mix and match to give stiff drum patterns life.

10 Loops

Pitched, wood, metal, skin, mallets and more. These are quick and complex loops to add depth to your track. They are all acidized so they are ready to fit any tempo and match any song. Try adjusting the pitch to add different colors to your beats.

38 Percussion & Misc

More percussion one shot samples used through the kit and processed to be featured within your songs. Rattles, stage reverbed big percs, processed, distorted and more for great variety.

34 Snares

Traditional snares layered with processed world percussion for unique sounds. Great for quickly adding depth to your sound spectrum and stereo. Layered with various Middle Eastern metals.