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High Impact Kits 1 – 4

The High Impact brand is the most recognizable sound of all our drum packs. The sounds and samples have become the most popular staple on Sounds in HD. This bundle includes all the releases in the High Impact history.

What are High Impact Drum Packs?

Literally; drums layered and processed along side world percussion. High Impact drum packs are a steady staple in the Drum Sample market because you know what you are getting when you get one. High quality layering, compression, creative distortion; High Impact samples sit well in mixes, blend into your own drums and are versatile in genre.

High Impact 1

The drum pack that started the concept for High Impact: Big, hard hitting drums layered and processed with World Percussion.

High Impact 1 Demo High Impact 1 Product Page

High Impact 2

The second edition saw an increase in layering and steadfast percussion.

High Impact 2 Demo High Impact 2 Product Page

High Impact 3

The third installment returns to a more simpler approach. While still keeping layers, the sound design is held back so better layering could be done by the user. Also, the percussion took a broad expansion.

High Impact 3 Demo High Impact 3 Product Page

High Impact 4

The fourth drum pack is definitely the most versatile in terms of layering and including them in your own tracks as separate pieces. Great for adding on to your dull loops that need life.

High Impact 4 Demo High impact 4 Product Page