About the Download

Percussion Samples Only

The All Percussion Bundle features percussion samples from every drum pack in the Sounds in HD library. All the way from the very first Sounds in HD 1 to our most recent release, you will find a folder for every kit inside and their respective percussion samples.

Best Uses

With 1,188 percussion samples, the best way to use this pack is to add percussion around or into your tracks for rhythm, creative layering, or additions or breaks to a song.

What You Get

  • Every percussion sample from Sounds in HD Library of Drum Packs
  • Updates to include percussion sample from future drum packs through 2015
  • Multiple styles: Layered, designed, processed, live, world and looped percussion styles.
  • Legacy Percussion Samples: We have percussion from from Sounds in HD Vol 1, 2, 3, Distorted Blends and other packs from the past. You won’t be able to get these anywhere else but with this bundle.

Every Drum Pack’s Percs…and counting

All-Percussion Samples-Bundle