Free Drum Pack by Blanketdragon

77 Drum Samples & Loops

Tacoma, Washington producer and artist Blanketdragon shares his new single release ‘Articulating something that can’t be described with words and a free drum pack to go along with it!

This free drum pack download features samples and loops by Blanketdragon based on his production style. The sounds and samples are in the style of his music and new release, which features moody textures glitched and twisted and unique processed rhythms, and offers insight to the percussion in his tracks. The aesthetic in the style will instantly captivate you with twisted drum patterns, grooves and glitched effects.

What’s inside

His free drum pack features 77 drum samples ranging in styles from rhythmical found sounds, reversed effects, vocals glitched and twisted beyond comprehension, and loops (some featured in the song). Loops are labeled with their BPM so you don’t get lost trying to create beats or find the BPM for yourself!

Free Download

Free Drum Pack by blanketdragon | 77 Drum Samples

Preview the sounds for yourself and download the free drum pack!

Listen to the track –  ‘Articulating something that can’t be described with words’

Blanketdragon stays true to his style across all releases on his SoundCloud page. Seemingly offbeat and misplaced kicks, snares and hats fall into place beautifully as a whole. It isn’t until a few seconds into his work you realize the craftsmanship and artistry behind it and the intended effect.

Give a listen to his collection; I guarantee it will inspire and cause producers to think about their rhythms differently. Not quite Flume-esque, and much more intense than an older Flying Lotus rhythm, Blanketdragon falls into a pocket his own.

Share Your Work Below

I want to hear what you created with the drums! Share your work in the comments if you would like to be featured on SHD!


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