Sound Designers & Producers Wanted

I am seeking producers & sound designers to grow with me

I need the help of young and creative individuals who want to work with me on a personal level. This is the perfect opportunity for an producer, sound designer, artist or writer just starting out or seeking to make a name for themselves and build a portfolio.

Join my Team

What to Expect

  • This work isn’t just for SHD. There will be other endeavors and opportunity with other clients and businesses.
  • I will have work out of the blue and off the wall. Be ready to embrace new challenges.
  • Not all work will be paid work. I need help growing and I only want those who want the same back. There will be opportunity from time to time for money to be made in the future and going forward.
  • You don’t have to do anything you can’t make time for. By all means handle what you need to and do what you can.
  • You will receive a place on the “My Team” section of the site with links to your networks and a bio of yourself.

Genres & Sound

  • EDM
    • Progressive House, Liquid Drum n Bass, Chillstep, anything electronic
  • Hip Hop
    • Pop, RnB, Urban Trap, Boom Bap, Experimental Hip Hop, Chill Hop, anything in the vein of Hip Hop
  • Experimental
    • Moody, Ambient, Glitch Hop, Trip Hop, anything experimental or cutting egde (that can still be used musically)
  • Sound Track
    • Movie, Industrial, Epic, Guitars, Strings
  • F*ckin Dope
    • Anything not on this list but is fire. All types of sound and music.

Here is a personal Spotify Playlist I compiled where I constantly update sound, producers, styles etc that I am looking for. If you sound, have anything like, or know anyone who makes sounds like this- I need them.

Criteria/Possible Opportunity

Sound Designers

I need sound designers capable of emulating sound across sub-genres in music. EX: You are an EDM Producer/Sound Designer. I need you to design samples and sounds that go from Liquid Drum and Bass, to Chillstep, to Tropical House. I am interested in forward thinking, progressive, different and edgy sound. I need new and creative thinkers and designers. The following is nice but not totally necessary.

  • Purchasing of samples for use
  • Needed sound fx for videos
  • Paid help for outside projects from bigger clients
  • Big+ if you are a musician (guitarist, pianist, violinist etc)
  • Big+ if you are a talented producer as well
  • Mixing/Mastering odd jobs


I am looking for producers who are willing to start out by giving demos of SHD drums and future projects in other endeavors in their own music. I will provide you samples to craft demos from, you place them on your SoundCloud, I embed on SHD and other websites for drum samples. I am also highly interested in helping to build a brand and name for super talented unknown producers who aren’t sure what to do with their instrumentals and art.

  • Purchasing of samples from you for sound library
  • Needed sound fx for videos
  • Paid help for outside projects from bigger clients
  • Big+ if you are a musician (guitarist, pianist, violinist etc)

Contact for More Info or Demos

Fill out the contact form below. Please include a link to your music/sound or a dropbox of any demos you are willing to share. Your information will not be shared or taken. Thank you for taking the time reading through this!

All the Best,

Humberto Zayas